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James Bond 007 - 04 - Thunderball (1965)[1920]
1920 - x264 mkv - 5.1 audio - Running time: 02:10:00 -
cover James Bond 007 - 04 - Thunderball

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Spoken Languages: English

Subtitles: English, German, German, French, French, Spanish, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, English, German, German, French, French, Dutch, Dutch, Spanish, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese,

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller,

Country: UK Director: Terence Young,

Cast: Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, Adolfo Celi, Luciana Paluzzi, Rik Van Nutter, Guy Doleman, Molly Peters, Martine Beswick, Bernard Lee, Desmond Llewelyn, Lois Maxwell, Roland Culver, Earl Cameron, Paul Stassino, Rose Alba, Philip Locke, George Pravda, Michael Brennan, Leonard Sachs, Edward Underdown, Reginald Beckwith, Harold Sanderson, Anthony Bailey, Gábor Baraker, Amelia Bayntun, Anthony Blackshaw, Dana Broccoli, Courtney Brown, Ian Bulloch, Clive Cazes, Pauline Chamberlain, Cecil Cheng, Michael Culver, Bill Cummings, Anthony Dawson, Henry Ford II, Jack Gwillim, Neil Hallett, Diane Hartford, Philo Hauser, Patrick Holt, Murray Kash, Suzy Kendall, John Ketteringham, George Leech, André Maranne, Kevin McClory, Albert Michel, Mitsouko, Derek Partridge, Eric Pohlmann, Lloyd Reckord, Robert Rietty, Peter Roy, Charles Russhon, Bill Sawyer, Bob Simmons, Philip Stone, Nikki Van der Zyl,

Plot Outline: James Bond continues on his fourth mission, with his aim to recover two stolen warheads. They have been taken by the evil SPECTRE organisation. The world is held hostage and Bond heads to Nassau. Here, he meets the beautiful Domino and is forced into a thrilling confrontation with SPECTRE agent Emilio Largo, on board his boat, the Disco Volante. Will 007 prevent the killing of millions of innocent victims?

Produced by: Kevin McClory, Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, Stanley Sopel

3D: no

IMDB Rating: 7.0
Location: EM-004