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Number: 116
Craft, The (1996)[1920]
1920 - x264 mkv - 5.1 audio - Running time: -
 Rated: R 
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Spoken Languages: English,

Subtitles: English, English, French, French, German, German, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, English, French, German, Dutch,

Genre(s): ,

Country: USA Director: Andrew Fleming,

Cast: Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, Rachel True, Skeet Ulrich, Christine Taylor, Breckin Meyer, Nathaniel Marston, Cliff De Young, Assumpta Serna, Helen Shaver, Jeanine Jackson, Brenda Strong, Elizabeth Guber, Jennifer Greenhut, Arthur Senzy, Endre Hules, Mark Conlon, Christine Louise Berry, William Newman, Erin Tavin, Rod Britt, Brogan Roche, Rebecca McLaughlin, Tony Genaro, Janet Rotblatt, Jason Filardi, Karyn J. Dean, Danielle Koenig, Janet Eilber, Esther Scott, Tory Christopher, Holly Marie Combs, Glory Fioramonti, John Kapelos, Darin Mangan,

Plot Outline: A new girl moves to a new city with her family to start a new life. She meets up with the girls who are very interested in the occult and together, the four of them have a seemingly unstoppable power. They can do anything, from getting their dream guys to like them to... the possibilities are limitless.

Produced by: Ginny Nugent, Lisa Tornell, Douglas Wick

3D: no

IMDB Rating: 6.2