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It's simple. Quality over size every time.

Some titles will have multi lingual audio and subtitles. Some titles will have more subtitles than listed, as I can't read all languages I sometimes have no idea what to write in my database.

Titles here fall in to 3 resolution categories UHD, FHD or SD. Ultra, Full and Standard Definition. All UHD titles will be x265 encoded all others x264. I will also provide a FHD version of any UHD titles. UHD has a max res of 3840x2160 while FHD's max is 1920x1080 and SD's max is 720x576 pixels. where possible if a title is not available in at least FHD a PAL DVD source will be used for it's superior picture quality, if all else fails an NTSC DVD will be used.

Torrent files are not available ATM, some downloads available from just search for bitloks.

This "[1920x????][Bitloks][5.1][x264]" is a symbol that represents 1920 pixel wide video in an MKV container encoded with the x264 codec with 5.1 audio, original chapter markers and subtitles if available from the source material. [5.1 DA] would indicate surround sound with Dual Audio only the primary language is specified as 5.1 in this case the second language may or may not be 5.1 in rare circumstances TA or triple audio is encoded. These rare titles will almost always be Anime and the languages will be English, Japanese and German. Most DA will be English and Japanese but some are also English, German. In every case English will be the default language. There will be very rare circumstances where I will encode a non English language movie. All listings are clearly marked with the language/s available.

The source used is indicated at the bottom of the movie info page, the codes are as follows:

BRD = Blu-Ray Disc

BRF = Blu-Ray file over 10Gig in size and quality checked first. Believe it or not there are some big files out there that are crap quality. Not all of these include chapter markers... go figure.

If there is no FHD source the following may be used as a last resort.

DVD = 720x576 (PAL) from disc.

VDN = 720x480 (NTSC) from disc.

Hovering over the source "code" reveals more info.

There will be no requests. There is a chat room {currently off-line}, basic for now, more features may follow. This is my personal collection and will be added to when I get time from other duties.

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It's the first thing I do when I install Firefox, followed by AdBlockPlus and FoxyProxy and setting the "restore Tabs and Windows" option too.

On a technical note the database back-end is maria-db using php to interface with it. The rest of it is pure HTML and CSS.

Some info on the cover art and screen shots. Some shit about me can be found here.